2021 OLR Races (Updated 12-27-2021)

2021 is COMPLETE!

29 races qualified to be tracked this year flying over 28,000 pigeons! WOW! A reminder, we are only tracking those One Loft Races that have over 300 birds in them and finish their final race before 12/31/2021. Any “extra” race will be included in the stats unless it isn’t flown before 12/31/2021. 

If you have any questions or see anything incorrect please email us at:  olrstats@gmail.com.


2021 Races Tracked – Sorted by Entry

Race Data 2021 – Initial Entry – 12-27-21 – Highest

YPM of Average Speed Winners

Race Data 2021 – YPM- 1-8-22 – Highest