2020 OLR Races (Updated 11-27-20)

We are almost done…

In some ways it seems the races just started and in others it seems like we have been racing for very long time – welcome to 2020.  The truth is that we are almost done with the 2020 OLR season and, for all intensive purposes, it has been a good one.  We did have one race that had to be pulled from being tracked as the race is pushing the races into 2021.  So we now are at 23 races and just short of 22,000 birds in those races.  We are also well over $3,300,000 in prize money as well with some big races yet to be added to the total.  Truly crazy to see how big OLRs have become in the United States! Looking at the results, it is pretty much the same races delivering top results year after year.  Congratulations to the OLR managers for their continued success and for most of them in providing a product that most of us are very satisfied with.  Good luck to those races still going…and, did we mention, we are almost done!   

If you have any questions or see anything incorrect please email us at:  olrstats@gmail.com.


OLR Entries 2020 – Final Race Return 11-27-20


(Sorted by Time on the Wing)

OLR Entries 2020 – Final Misc Info 11-27-20